Geographical framework

The marine protected area is framed in the chart n. 16 Navy Hydrographic Institute in scale 1: 100,000. The limits of the reserve are enclosed in a quadrilateral coordinates:

38°12’00″N 13°20’00″E
38°14’00″N 13°20’00″E
38°13’00″N 13°14’00″E
38°12’00″N 13°14’00″E

The following is a description of the coastal strip in question; for convenience such description is divided into sectors.

The Eastern sector – The eastern sector is contained in the North Western part of the Gulf of Palermo: the gulf is oriented towards NE and is bordered on two sides by limestone and dolomite cliffs of Mount Catalfano SE and Monte Gallo NW. In between is the promontory of Monte Pellegrino, the same geological nature, oriented in NS direction and ending in N with the Punta Priola.

The West sector – The second area extending from Cape Gallo to the east to the west to the islet of females. The coast is oriented towards N and high and rocky in the first section, between Capo Gallo and Punta Barcarello: is the coast of Mount Gallo, articulated in lace Vuturo west and Pizzo Sella (545 m above sea level) to the east. The second section, instead, is more flat and divided into small bays (Sferracavallo and Cala Isola) and rocky outcrops corresponding to the last foothills of the limestone mountains that dominate the area (Pizzo Manolfo). The geological origin is the same as the previous sector, with greater presence of calcareniti. This sector is heavily man, for the presence of several large towns, as Sferracavallo and Isola delle femmine and several civilian infrastructure such as ports, roads, railways, etc.